November and December will be my final ACMs —

and the astro-events taking place are

truly incredible…

In the final two AstroCurrents Monthly I will discuss the impact of these amazing astro-events and their potential to be quite dramatic and even life-changing…for us personally as well as the world at large.

Gaining insight into these remarkable events better positions you to navigate the weeks ahead and respond in positive ways to the coming influx of cosmic energies.

Here are just a few things I wrote on November’s ACM (now available) about what’s occurring in the 1st few days of the month: 

>6thUranus re-enters Aries until 3/6/2019: The erratic nature of this station can have a very destabilizing influence where unexpected and unpredictable events occur. These can certainly be tied to the USA election but will also be impacting you personally in ways that can be both life-changing and eye-opening.

>6thNorth/South Node enters Cancer/Capricorn respectively and marks a shift at etheric levels that can change destinies and alter your decisions and direction. Again this will impact each of us personally in our own ways but also can have a dramatic influence on the world at large. It also is possible that during these 18 months communities of like-minded people will form. I discuss the Nodes further on Track-2: Message for the Month

>3rd to mid-month Uranus squares the Lunar Nodes just as they move from Aquarius/Leo into Capricorn/Cancer. This will bring emotions and passions to the surface as old structures are challenged. Issues related to creating/feeling secure (or not) arise. You may feel that you cannot rely on “the world” or society for your sense of security which can prompt you to seek it within. It may also have some thinking of moving to what is perceived as a safer place.

>7thNew Moon in Scorpio at 15˚ which is the mid-point of Scorpio, again indicating that we are at a pivotal point…a still point if you will where it is essential to carefully consider which direction to aim your focus. >More on Track 3: Lunar Focus.
>Lots more on November ACM, now immediately available upon ordering.

CREDIT: Kevin Floerke Photography

Of equal if not greater importance is how significant, empowering and meaningful these astro-influences could be to your spiritual journey as they are creating a synergy that has the potential to create something quite wonderful that can help you to build a new foundation of being, even in the midst of chaos and turmoil.

This is because the same influences that generate the upheaval and chaos at the lower frequencies also bring the potential for a deep renewal and greater spiritual awareness at the higher frequencies.

We have before us a truly unique opportunity for profound spiritual openings and realizations to occur…perhaps ones that you have been waiting for or sensing you’re on the verge of for some time. These can bring you greater clarity about your purpose and direction in this time of planetary acceleration.

One more thing:  In December’s ACM, I will also include infomation on four key astro-events occurring in first few days of the 2019. These events directly relate to, and represent the culmination of this important cycle. They also set the stage for 2019.

I truly hope you’ll  join me for the Grand Finale of AstroCurrents Monthly.
Blessings & light to you as we travel this journey together.

Elizabeth Jones

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